After Effects Scripting Resources

Starting with After Effects scripting can seem like a daunting task. To help develop your abilities good resources are essential. There is a small but very tight nit community of After Effects programmers that have created loads of amazing After Effects scripting resources. Apart from this amazing website, here’s a list of the majority that I know of:

After Effects Documentation

Interactive documentation - This is the main documentation that I use, here you can find all the different classes that are specific to After Effects. This is great to have next to you while programming so you can look-up what the possibilities are of each After Effects object that you use within your script.

Redefinery - Is a great website with some good resources, the match name list is great to quickly view all the match names within After Effects. They also have some great tutorials on different aspects of scripting.

Adobe’s JavaScript Tools Guide – A 300 page PDF file with a lot of information about scripting topics that are hard to find elsewhere.

API documentation by YEARBOOK - This API documentation contains the different ScriptUI classes and JavaScript classes that are available within ExtendScript. Unfortunately it doesn’t include all the After Effects classes.


Adobe’s After Effects Forum – On the left hand side you can filter on topics, select scripting for great scripting posts.

Aenhancers – A dedicated forum for programming for After Effects, it’s not very active but there are great articles.

Script UI

Peter Kahrel’s ScriptUI for Dummies – The best resource for learning how to write ScriptUI.

API documentation by YEARBOOK – Again the YEARBOOK documentation, select ScriptUI in the left drop-down to see all the classes that are available.

Joonas Pääkkö’s ScriptUI builder – If you’re just starting out and don’t know how to use ScriptUI or if you’re just lazy you can use this tool to build custom ScriptUI panels. Actually learning the language is of course a better option if you want full flexibility.

Free Scripts

Redefinery Script Bundle – A absolutely amazing scripts bundle with great scripts to pick apart and learn from. The Gimme Prop Path is great to use while scripting, it gives you the location of the property you select within the After Effects program.

Charles Bordenave’s scripts – A overview of some useful scripts with descriptions and demo’s.

Crgreen scripts – A long list of scripts that can be picked apart and analysed to learn how they work.

HTML 5 Panels

Adobe-CEP GitHub – For the more advanced programmers among us, a guide on creating extensions with HTML 5, CSS and After Effects scripts.

Adobe’s short guide – A short guide to HTML 5 extensions.


Eloquent JavaScript – Free E-book like website with in-depth content on the basics of JavaScript.

w3schools – Hands on JavaScript tutorials.

Older resources

MotionScript - Dan Ebberts’ AE Expressions and scripting resource.

Adobe’s old documentation – This is adobe’s old documentation, a better option is the documentation that is listed at the top of the page.


School of Motion Ep. 18 - I really love this episode with Zack Lovatt, it gives insight in where After Effects scripting could take you.


Building Dokyo by David Hawkins - This medium article is a great introduction into HTML 5 panels and Extensions.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to use these After Effects Scripting resources for your new projects, it will speed up the process 😉